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Personal Training Options - 

Certified Master Trainers - Nutrition consultants and life coaches:


Curtis Brown - Curtis has worked in the fitness industry for 21 years as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. He is certified through American FitnessProfessionals of America (A.F.P.A.). He specializes in cardio conditioning, strength training, bodybuilding, sport-specific training, and flexibility conditioning. “Due to my many years of bodybuilding, and my love for cooking, I have developed an extensive understanding of nutrition and food preparation. For me, exercise and being physically fit are a part of my everyday life that should be enjoyed to the fullest. This is what I try to share with each of my clients.”

Patty Brown - Patty has worked in the fitness business for 17 years working at area fitness clubs until World Gym opened up 10 in 1993. She is certified in personal training, nutrition consulting, Pilates, and Yoga through the A.F.P.A.. She specializes in cardio vascular training, resistance training for toning and/or weight loss, stretching, and relaxation techniques. Whatever goal you may have, she can help you get there!


One 30 min. session - $35         Four 30 min. sessions - $120

Eight 30 min. sessions- $215    One 60 min. session - $50

Four 60 min. sessions - $175    Eight 60 min. sessions- $325


Certified Staff Trainers:

World Gym has several staff trainers including:


Becca Stone  - As a certified trainer for 16 years, Becca can make the beginner feel comfortable in learning how to workout correctly and have it be fun in the process.   No matter what level you are, Becca can teach you or motivate you to get the most out of your workout experience.

Greg Kosel Greg is a new certified staff trainer.   He will assist members in creating a plan to accomplish their fitness goals.

Sarah Rucker  Sarah is a certified staff trainer, a TRX trainer and also a certified Les Mills Body Pump instructor.   Sarah runs the floor circuit in the evenings for a great 30 minute workout.  The floor circuit is FREE!



One 30 min. session - $25           Four 30 min. sessions - $80

Eight 30 min. sessions- $150     One 60 min. session - $40

Four 60 min. sessions - $145     Eight 60 min. sessions- $260


World Gym provides for certified INDEPENDENT PERSONAL TRAINERS.   These are certified trainers who train clients using our facilities.   The client must become a member of World Gym in order to train with one of our IPT.   Below is a list of these trainers with a telephone number to contact them.  Their rates and availability may vary.

TONY LIPSEY - 661 - 547-0412

AMANDO WILLIAMS    574-360-4042


JASON CAMP - 574 - 387-7057